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Falling in Love with My Mental Health

I want to highlight the importance of mental health and dating. I wasn’t really sure how to approach this subject as it can be sensitive for some but mental health has such a huge part to play in dating, especially in modern dating, that I couldn’t really ignore it. Especially while I’m at a crucial...


How NOT to Flirt with a Girl Working in Hospitality.

I currently work two jobs. My main, full time job is working as Cabin Crew but on the side I also work shifts in a pub. Although my Cabin Crew role involves a lot more than people think, I suppose I’d still consider some aspects as part of a hospitality role; at least for the...


Am I Bad in Bed?

This post has been circling in my head for a while now. I was really conflicted about whether to actually sit and write it or whether to just leave it as a discarded idea. Unfortunately, my constant need to be honest with you all and to write about this stuff won over this time. So...


6 Texters That Are Just Not That Into You

As you know, I’m back into the realm of dating. In all honesty, I’ve not pushed it and I’m not very good at actively planning any dates. My life is busy at the moment and I’ve been working a lot. I’ve also been enjoying my free time so I’m happy. For the first time in...