From The Beginning

This page lists all the dates in chronological order of them happening in my life. If you are new to An Education in Dating, this page means you get to start from the beginning. You get to read each date in order and understand how I got to where I am now with my dating life. If you’re not new to the site, maybe you have a favourite post you want to read again. This page lets you navigate through the list of posts and see each one by title. Enjoy!

The Dates in order (click on each name to take you to the date)

Edward* – Cage Fighter
James* – Student
Josh* – Barman
Chris* – Delivery Driver
Paul* – Estate Agent
Dave* – Student
Callum* – The Big V
The Serious Bit
Simon* – Student
Andy* – Student
Mark* – Insurance Salesman
Colin* – Customer Service
Brian* – Builder
Richard* – Adventurer
Ollie* – Actor
Jamie* – Tree Surgeon/Builder
Jack* – Accountant
Some Kid
Harry* – Salesman
Tinder Tidbits
Adam* – Retail Supervisor
Nothing Like The Present
Rob* – Mechanic
Daniel* – Pilot
The David Experiment
David #1 – Something in PR?
David #2 – Teacher
David #3 – Delivery driver
David #4 – Pilot (Ergh, I know)
Ben* – Property Development
Derek* – Management
Tinder Tidbits; Take Two
Bad Things Come in Threes
Sean* – Stranger Boy Racer
Lee* – Customer Service Advisor
Scott – The Good Guy
Richard – Pensioner
The Fallout

Guest Blogger – Gemma from How To Make Friends

Lewis* – Software Developer



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