SingleSwag Review

SingleSwag Review

People say that your social media accounts listen to your conversations through your phones and advertise to you based on that. If this is true then it comes as no surprise that my social media adverts are full of dating apps, dating events near me, adverts for ice cream, diets (yes, I see the contradiction between those two), monthly subscription boxes and more.

*Disclaimer – I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again just in case we have any new readers here (welcome), I can only write from my own perspective as someone who identifies as female. They’re my opinions and do not represent those of the company nor do I claim them to be the opinions of all women everywhere. Just felt it better to pop this in.

One of said subscription boxes is by a company called SingleSwag.

It basically promises a monthly treat for single girls out there, who need a pick me up each month. At the moment, a version aimed for men doesn’t exist however this may be something to come in the future!

The tag line for the box is “Be the love of your own damn life”.

As somebody who has spent years looking for a love of her life, I figured it spoke to me on a deeper level (I’m joking obviously). I do love a little present to myself every so often though, so I decided there was no harm in seeing what it was all about.

The box is from a company based in the states and charges in USD however they do ship internationally. You can buy one box as a one off treat to yourself or present for somebody you think needs it. Alternatively you can also sign up to the recurring monthly subscription which you can easily cancel at any time. (When I say easily cancel, I do mean it! It is very easily done via a quick email). You’d have to check the terms and conditions as there are deadlines each month for cancelling but you will receive all boxes that you pay for regardless of cancelling the subscription (Duh).

As somebody who once worked as an overseas holiday rep I know that nobody ever reads the terms and conditions! But I advise that you do. I learnt from watching loads of holiday makers make the mistake of ignoring them but still ticking the button that says ‘Yes, I have read the terms and conditions’.

I read them, briefly.

But still enough to know when I needed to cancel the subscription. I only needed a few boxes to see what the fuss was all about.

The boxes come in two sizes at two prices.

The regular size contains 7-8 full size products and costs $39.99 per month on a month by month basis. You can save money by committing to 3 month or 6 month plans.

SingleSwag Petite contains 4-5 full size products and costs $24.99 per month. Again, you can save if you commit to the 3 or 6 month plans.

I opted for the larger box for a three month period. The boxes come with a mixture of products. I noticed in the three months that every box I received contained a selection of beauty products, one piece of jewellery, something edible and some kind of accessory.

As I expected, each box did feel like a treat when it arrived on my doorstep.

I enjoy receiving presents (who doesn’t?), so it was something to look forward to each month. The items inside were much of the same found in other subscription boxes out there. But then there’s only so many different ones they can come up with.

I’m not somebody who cares much for having an excess of beauty products. I just don’t really use more than the basics so they’re wasted on me. Instead, I tend to donate a lot to homeless shelters if I won’t use them or re-gift them to family (sorry family! They are all brand new though). It means I won’t use a lot from boxes like these but every so often it is useful.

I will list briefly what came in each box before going into a little more detail about the products themselves.

Box 1

The first box had a moisturiser, a soothing facial spray mist, a highlighter (for your face, not paper), a coin purse, a necklace, a book and some chocolate biscuits. The face mist was really nice to use after the gym. It calmed my skin and prevented any post work out redness. Whether that’s the intended use or not is something I’ll never know but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

The moisturiser has joined a box of unused moisturisers from Christmas’ past. I’ll get around to using it when my current one runs out. The highlighter won’t ever get used by me because I don’t really use much make up items. I’m useless with make up products so I may well see if my sister will use it. Coin purses are cute but in a day and age of cards everywhere, it’s not of much use to me.

The necklace is not my style at all! I’ll never wear it so it’s going off to the charity shop for a new home. The book is a self help book about thinking positively and I’ve struggled to read even the first half. I probably won’t finish it but, again, it’s probably something my sister will enjoy. The biscuits went to my Mum as a little snack and she enjoyed them very much.


All in all, the first box was alright.

It didn’t make me jump with joy at the products but it was a nice, pleasant little set of products that I imagine some women would love. If it’s aimed at single women, it would be nice to see some bath bombs, face masks, maybe something useful like a decent razor so I’m not cutting my legs with blunt blades.

The foodie element is a great idea because the stereotype is correct… single women… actually all women, bloody love food! Especially chocolate items. A lovely moisturiser is great every now and then so I can’t complain at that. The make up element is also a really thoughtful idea for single women but a highlighter isn’t for everyone. I know loads of subscribers would love it though so I can’t fault it being in the box.


Box 2

The second box was, again, not bad.

Another moisturiser, another purse, another piece of jewellery that’s definitely an acquired taste. Much more useful was the mascara and eye masks pack. I’d absolutely use those so was chuffed to see them inside the second box.

Also inside the box was a little dish that said love on it. It might as well be a wall mural that says “live, laugh, love”. It’s pretty useless but some women like having trinkets decorating their houses. Nothing says female quite like a house full of hoarded dishes the size of an espresso cup that remain dusty and unused. There were also some delicious coconut rum cookies which went down a treat and made up for the other items I probably wouldn’t use.


Box 3

The third and final box I received contained yet another tasteless piece of jewellery, yet another moisturiser, a lip plumping gloss, some nail growth serum, bath bombs and a set of reusable eye pads. I can’t remember the edible delight from this box but it must have been good because it obviously disappeared pretty sharpish! The bath bombs were exactly the sort of thing this single gal needs. I was pleasantly surprised to see them in there.

The nail serum wasn’t a bad idea. I cut mine short but they’re quite frail little things so the nail stuff was really handy and actually a pretty decent little item to find. Eye pads are a luxury that every woman needs whether single or not! It’s an item that most women will never buy for themselves but it’s something so small and simple when laying in a bath and relaxing. It’s just a nicety.


All in all, I do think subscription boxes are a nice idea.

Notice I used the word ‘nice’ again.

It’s not ground breaking but then none of these sorts of boxes are. I understand that from a company perspective, things need to be kept cheap and also they’re being shipped internationally so it needs to be slightly durable to withstand the postage. But sometimes the contents are a bit bland and for the cost of the box, I kind of expected more!

Other boxes have a theme so only contain items or products within that theme or category.

SingleSwag are missing a trick where they can obtain literally anything!

They’re a box aimed at single women which there are bloody millions of! There are more single women now than there have ever been so the target audience is wide. A lot of fish in that sea my friends. They could be doing something better or different.

I am fully aware that maybe my trial run of 3 boxes just wasn’t enough to get a full picture of what’s on offer.

I love the idea of something edible, especially if it’s sweet. Another great idea would be alcohol miniatures. Put a little bottle of something in with a card that has a recipe on. Single women like to dress up and go out with their friends and drink cocktails. Put options for non alcoholic cocktails in there too.

Bath bombs or bath oils or something shower related is a great idea. It’s what us girls do when we’re having a bad day and need to unwind or relax. Beauty products are great for us and there’s millions of different options out there but a moisturiser every single time is just too much!

Basic make up products that are a staple for all women is a good idea.

A mascara or lip balm would suit everyone, whether they wear lots of make up or not. A tinted moisturiser or a subtle rose blusher wouldn’t go amiss either. Less women are spending money on their hair or make up so maybe a nice hair mask to help repair some of the damage we inflict on our locks.

Nail varnish that lasts longer than a day would be great. Throw in a peeling foot mask or something and I’ll sing your praises (those things are weird but wonderful).

Single women don’t want forty different hand creams and moisturisers. Single women want products that are useful and make them feel good about themselves. We want easy things that we’ll use everyday.

I love the idea of a book but don’t put one in that is a self help book about thinking positive. We’re single and some of us want to be, well, not single in the long run! If you want to help empower us to love our single selves, put books in about strong, single women. Put books in that help us love ourselves and that are realistic. Don’t put them in about thinking positively and the magic it brings. Maybe include the biographies of incredible women throughout history. Just an idea.

My verdict on the SingleSwag boxes?

Great idea! Great target audience.

Maybe just have a little more of a think about the contents and put things in that single women actually want. Don’t be all airy fairy and girly about the products. Some of us don’t need that.

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