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Ok, so at the ripe old age of 20 and just a few months shy of 21 I decided it was about bloody time I lost my virginity. Don’t get me wrong I am glad I waited till I was the last of my friends and older than everyone else was when they lost theirs. Call me old fashioned but I was and still remain a believer that a girl should wait it out until she feels completely comfortable to dive in for the first time. I also believe, however, that no matter how it happens it won’t be special and it will always be god damn awkward and uncomfortable!

It was February 14th in 2011 and I was out in an awful student club with some other single friends celebrating how we were all single for Valentine’s day. I wasn’t drinking because I had lectures the next day at Uni and got chatting to this guy Callum* who was also not drinking due to Uni the next day (I know, how boring of us). Anyway, we got on really well and had a good laugh for most of the night. He was also hot which was a bonus! He was studying Sports at the sister University to the one I was at and had no idea what he wanted to do after but was enjoying himself. He was funny, intelligent and was able to hold a conversation very well which made him really easy to chat to. As I was sat there chatting away I decided what the hell with it and asked if he wanted to come back to mine. He looked shocked when I asked but accepted my offer (what student guy wouldn’t accept this offer from a girl) and we walked towards the door of the club to get a taxi. As we did I, naively I accept, turned and said “Oh but just to let you know I’m a virgin if that’s OK?” Callum looked at me and started laughing! He wasn’t trying to be rude but just laughed because he couldn’t believe I had just told him. He asked if I was sure. Yes I was sure. I was turning 21 in a few months and the prospect of my first ever boyfriend still wasn’t looming around the corner so I figured why make it more of a deal that I felt it was. I was already anxious about the whole virginity thing so I made the adult decision that I was going to get rid of it on my terms.

So anyway. It happened. You don’t need details. It was just as awkward and uncomfortable as I had expected but Callum was extremely patient with me and really lovely about the whole thing. All in all it wasn’t a half bad first experience for me. We exchanged numbers the next day however I never spoke to or saw Callum again.

So, yes, you got it right. I lost my virginity at 20 on a one night stand with someone I had never met before! Some of you may think that’s slutty. I’m fine with that because it was on my terms and I waited a lot longer than everyone else had so screw you. I will forever remain grateful at my decision that night because unfortunately two weeks later I had my second sexual experience. This one was not on my terms and I was not shown the same caring and respectful nature that Callum had shown me. That is another story for another post and I’m afraid it’s a little bit of a serious one. Now don’t get all down on me, every story has a serious bit and unfortunately we have reached mine…..

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