Dave* – Student

Dave* – Student

In September 2009 I started University where there would be loads of exciting new things for me! I would surely meet someone here who would end up being my first boyfriend right?

Yeah, so that didn’t happen.

When I started Uni I didn’t really go on any dates because I was so wrapped up in making new friends and getting on with my work. I was too busy spending time with my friends and, well doing what students do; go out and have fun! I was studying drama so I also spent a lot of spare time in rehearsals and actually writing essays (yes, even drama students write essays and dissertations).

Towards the end of my first year I did start dating again and I met Dave*. Dave was another student at University and seemed like a pretty decent guy. We went on 3 dates before trouble started to rear it’s ugly face at me. Our dates were fairly normal which for me was a whole new experience in its self!

After our third date together, I received a text message from a number I didn’t know. I just figured it was someone I hadn’t saved in my phonebook.

It wasn’t.

I realise I’m dragging this out and making it sound like some tense thriller. I opened the message and started laughing. Of course something was going wrong with this guy!

The message simply said “How do you know Dave* (insert surname)?” but instantly I knew I’ve got myself into something I don’t want to be involved with. I typed a quick reply just saying he was a friend and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up to three text messages and a missed call from the unknown number! The main bulk of the message was that this person messaging me was Dave’s girlfriend. She also said that this wasn’t the first time she had found out he was dating other girls behind her back. I’m not the only one at this point in time.

Jesus Christ.

What does someone do in this situation? Me? I sent Dave a text explaining that I’d received messages from someone claiming to be his girlfriend and that if he’s with someone I didn’t want to see him anymore. I mean she might be lying so I figured he could be innocent until proven guilty. His reply was quick and simple “Yeah that’s my girlfriend. She’s kinda crazy and always messages girls I’m dating” (GUILTY). His words made it sound like it wasn’t a big deal. And she’s crazy?? Yeah, crazy for staying with you!

So that was it. Never spoke to Dave again and ignored his messages. All I could hope for was that his girlfriend finally saw some sense and got rid of the douchebag!

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