David #1 – Something in PR?

David #1 – Something in PR?

The first subject in the David/Dave experiment.

This is also my quest for finding a significant other, was a guy who I met through some friends of friends. An acquaintance from school got in touch with me via social media. She asked if I minded being set up with a guy she knew through a friend. His name was David. She knew I was looking to go on dates with guys of that name as part of my blog.

Why not? What did I have to lose? I agreed and gave her permission to pass on my number. David was quick to message me and jumped in quickly asking me about the blog. Also whether I really believed guys named David make the best boyfriends…

Of course I don’t bloody agree!

I just did some crappy research on trashy girly websites. There was no science behind it. I just decided why not see what happens. It’ll be interesting to investigate to some extent. My friends who are married or in loving relationships are with guys with names of all sorts. In all honesty I was just a little curious.

After a week or so of texting, David and I met up for drinks. He was very attractive with dark hair and striking eyes. He was clean shaven and wore suit trousers and a shirt for our date. Oh god he’s dressed so smart and I’ve turned up in a t-shirt dress and black tights that looks a bit casual. Too late now!

First impressions of David were good.

He was charming, well spoken and came across like a gentleman. You know how people say first impressions are the mot important thing? That they will be remembered forever despite anything else that happens afterwards? Well in this case, I remember second impressions more because the second impression wasn’t so good.

David started to ask me about my work and then offered me the “how much do you earn?” question. I respectfully declined to answer. I was mortified that he’d asked me so tried to change the subject by asking him what he did for a living.

Silly me for asking.

He rushed through something about working in PR.  Something about looking after clients and accounts for his company. Then, without any prompting from me, he went on to boast about his £80k salary!! Oh you read that right.

David went on and on about how much money he earns and how much he spends and what he spends it on. He talked about holidays he goes on (granted I go on a lot with my job but it’s work… sort of). He talked about cars he buys and watches and clothes: you name it!

Now I won’t go into detail but I earn enough to pay my rent and bills and treat myself to the odd yoga class every so often. I certainly don’t live a champagne lifestyle. I’m lucky if I live a cheap white wine mixed with sparkling water lifestyle for goodness sake.

When I say I’m broke I mean I have to choose between food or toilet paper for the week. It was clear that when he says he’s broke, it means he has to choose between a new yacht or a second holiday home in the south of France.

For this reason, I hate talking about money with people.

I pay for myself through life and will always offer to pay for my share of things on a date. Also, correct me if I’m wrong here, but I’m pretty sure it’s not etiquette to discuss finances with strangers! David only stopped talking about his abundance of money to drink from his champagne glass or to breathe.

I can only assume he keeps a wad of £50 notes in his back pocket. They’re for the pure reason that only the finest money is allowed to caress his bottom instead of mere toilet tissue. Not that I’m judging or anything. If David had been modest about his earnings I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid at the whole evening. I would have continued to find him charming and a gentleman. Unfortunately his lack of appreciation for wealth and the importance he placed on his expensive material possessions let him down.

I absolutely think that David will meet a girl perfect for him who he will have a lot in common with. I know that she will be someone who, like David, comes from a family with wealth and continues to live a lavish lifestyle. Unfortunately, I am not that girl. I’m not sure I ever will be. I have grown to understand the importance of appreciating what I have and the value of money. There is more wealth in a substantial relationship and connection than in any material possessions I could ever own.

Me – 1
The David Experiment – 0

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