Is Your Name David? Dave?

Like most people, I spend a few minutes (hours) each day just scrolling through my Facebook news feed. I just get bored so have a look and see what people are up to. Recently I’ve begun to notice that my news feed is inundated with my Facebook friends getting into relationships, getting engaged, getting married, having babies, moving in together or simply just being happy in their little couples. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for all of them and wish them all the best. I’m also bitter and jealous but I won’t hold that against them all. One thing I did pick up on though is that all these people call their other half ‘This One’. They’ll tag the person in the picture or status so we know who it is but no one seems to use their name. Instead every single couple use the pet name ‘The One’.

Evident by this blog, I only date guys with real, normal names. I apparently should be looking for someone born with the name This One because they seem to make great partners! Anyway, jokes aside, this got me to thinking whether a name really has got anything to do with finding a good partner. I know how ridiculous this sounds but apparently people have really done some research about this. As I embarked on an internet journey delving into cyberspace I find out that, apparently, the name David is top of the list when it comes to men who make good boyfriends or husbands! It’s actually the top of many lists that have been compiled and strewn across the world wide web for everyone to see. Kate is apparently the top name for women so I’m already one down. I’m actually already at least ten down because my name didn’t make the list.

From this extremely scientific research found on various reputable (trashy) websites, I decided that I would only date guys called David or Dave just to see if there was any truth behind it all. Armed with two dating apps on my phone I would only swipe yes to guys named David or Dave and see what happened. Obviously I would still swipe right to any of the England rugby team or Ryan Reynolds when they came up. I’m not going to completely limit myself. Don’t worry, I completely understand how absurd this all is.  During my swiping sessions, I also learned that I need someone to look over my profile on these apps because I didn’t get many matches so it was difficult to gauge how well this would go.

I realise that I have a previous frog whose name I changed to Dave for the purpose of this blog. His real name was not Dave. From now on, each frog will be posted using their real first name; you know, because they all have the same name for this!

So from here, the David experiment begins…

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