Harry* – Salesman

Harry* – Salesman

This is another one of my posts which is quite short and sweet (although none of the guys I write about end up being sweet so maybe not the best use of the word).

Harry* was a friend of mine who I’d met a few years previously.

He had a girlfriend at this point but I got on well with him and thought he was a decent guy; and he was. We lost touch because my life had gone a different way and I’d drifted from our mutual friends. During this time, Harry became single and one day in 2015, I received a message from him.

His message started randomly with him complimenting me on how good I looked at the moment (I still got it people). I had just started my new, current, job and was posting pictures on social media of my travels for work; where my second uniform ended up being a bikini!

I was flattered considering my low self esteem.

Yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking. It can’t be that low if I’m publicly posting bikini pictures but, you know what they say, the truth is that people only post the best bits about their lives. The sad and sometimes painful bits get left out so you can’t blame me…

You all do it too.

Anyway, so he complimented me and then went on to ask me out for a drink. I accepted. Of course I accepted. Harry was a decent guy and good looking and why the hell not! Well after I accepted his offer, he never replied for a long time. Then I received a message from him which just annoyed me.

See below….


How annoying is that?

Why message me at all if you know it’s wrong?

Also, what does the “Very sorry but I do kinda fancy you a little so…..” supposed to mean?

Was he hoping I’d reply saying “that’s ok, let’s go for a drink anyway”?

There’s no “so….” about it!

We haven’t spoken since and he is now happily in his relationship. I do have to credit him for admitting the truth to me and not going through with the drink. At least his morals caught up with him at some point. It’s just irritating being messed around and I can imagine many of you have felt the same way at some point.

So that’s it. I told you it was quick. Onto the next frog I suppose.


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