Tinder Tidbits

Now, just like every other single person (or sometimes not but we call them cheating idiots) I tried some dating apps. One in particular that I tried got me some funny messages. Rather than trying to explain them all I’ve decided, just for a laugh, to post some pictures of a few messages I received and my replies back to them. With some of them, you’ll notice that conversations had started but I’ve only posted the funny messages that ended up having guys unmatch me – you’ll see why…..

This is possible my favourite one. You have to admit that he walked straight into my reply being this.

big dick

The next guy was actually alright up until he decided to get a little too personal. Prior to his message we’d been discussing how he’d probably be better trying to chat to girls who are only looking for a one night thing. He decided that meant I’m a challenge and he thought he could win. Unfortunately for me, this Prince Charming unmatched me after my final message here.


Roll up, roll up contestant number three who was actually quite fun for me to mess with. He asked me how naughty I am. I replied that sometimes I check my phone at work which is really naughty but he was talking about something completely different. (Oh and he was asking me how big my boobs are in one of my profile pictures – charming).


My next victim actually seemed ok so we swapped numbers with each other! His messages after we exchanged digits ended up proving that all he was after was a one night thing. I figured I’d have a laugh with him. (Obviously I had the tea but I couldn’t change the typo). I also get the impression his last sentence was a lie and really he wanted it to rain on me in Norwich. It didn’t.

james 3

Last but by certainly no means least, this wasn’t someone I’d met on a dating app and he also wasn’t someone I’d actually ever met but he sent me a message which I laughed so hard at, I had to share it. Just to warn you his language is awful! Oh and I pretended I was a guy so said my name is John in an attempt for him to leave me alone quicker over message. I feel sorry for poor Katie!


So there’s a few of my funny messages I’ve received and also sent to some eligible bachelors of today.

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