Rob* – Mechanic

Rob* – Mechanic

So it’s been a while since my last post which means it’s been even longer since my last date!

I took a bit of a backseat in the dating zone for a bit there. Work has been getting busy and I was struggling to deal with guys getting annoyed I couldn’t plan in dates when it suited them. As per my previous post; I’ve also been moving past the realisation that my heart maybe wasn’t ready for a while. Anyway I’m back!

As I’ve probably said before and most of you will experience the same; dating is hard these days! There are too many options which puts people off the idea of settling for one option. Everyone strives for perfect by society’s standards rather than perfect for them which is a whole different thing.

In an effort to start going on dates again I joined a dating app called Bumble.

This one is similar to Tinder in that you swipe left and right but if you match with someone on Bumble, the girl has to start the conversation! She’s also only got 24 hours to do it so the pressure is on! Those of you who know me personally will know that I am awful at pick up lines or opening conversations with guys so this was a challenge. To my surprise though, I managed to strike up a conversation with Rob* quite soon into joining the app.

After the standard small talk stuff, he asked me if I wanted to meet up for a drink so we did. He didn’t even get annoyed when it appeared difficult to fit a date into my work schedule so he was already in the good books.

Don’t worry, I didn’t, and still don’t, plan on jumping into anything too quickly.

It’s just one date!

Rob and I met at a bar between the two of us and started out with more small talk. Conversation flowed and he had a good sense of humour so I felt pretty at ease with him. Towards the end of our first drink Rob asked me about my work. He asked lots of questions and genuinely appeared interested in what I was saying. He asked me about funny stories from work (which I have a lot of) and wanted to learn about the training I had to do for the job. Things were actually going pretty well as far as first dates go but we all know me, which means we all know something is going to go wrong here.

I am happy to report that I won’t disappoint!

Rob went quiet for a bit and just sat sipping his drink and looking at me with a look I couldn’t quite read. I looked back bewildered and simply asked “what?”.

This is where the best bit comes in. It’s the point I now sit and expect on dates. This is the moment I wait for because I know it’s coming at some point. “Well, don’t take this the wrong way”,

God, I can’t wait to see where this is going,

“it’s just that, well, aren’t air hostesses meant to be, you know, like…. stunning!”

Oh sweet Mother of God. Why did this guy not just keep his mouth shut? He obviously knew what he was going to say would offend me. At this point I was actually laughing inside. I wasn’t just giggling a little, I was howling with laughter inside. This is where someone handed him a shovel because he just kept digging “I don’t mean that nastily but you know what I mean? Air hostesses have always had that reputation for being like models you know?”

Well I’m not sure I do know to be honest. Poor guy was probably wishing at this point that the ground was going swallow him whole because he was getting flustered and stumbling over his words. I don’t at all feel sorry for him at this point. In fact, I’m enjoying this! My reply to him was quite simply “Well they must have been having an off day when they hired me”. What else was I going to say?

I had experienced similar things to this before with guys.

I get it; I’m not a supermodel but I’m not exactly Shrek either! Besides did he not think that maybe when airlines hire their cabin crew they would rather hire someone intelligent enough to give immediate medical care to someone in cardiac arrest, than just a pretty face? Maybe they’d rather have someone with a brain who can evacuate 240 people in 90 seconds or less instead of a skinny body with long legs.

Rob isn’t an idiot; he knew what he’d said was wrong but at least we both knew nothing would go further between us. We finished the last mouthfuls of our drinks in silence, he politely asked if I would like another to which I declined, we got up and left our separate ways without even saying goodbye. We haven’t spoken since.

Rob never apologised but then I don’t mind really. He probably feels too embarrassed to say anything and I don’t blame him to be honest. I just hope he never needs urgent medical care on a flight I’m working on.

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