Paul* – Estate Agent

Paul* – Estate Agent

This is a pretty quick one because we never actually got to the date!

Paul* is someone I actually went to school with. He was a year older than me so I’d met him previously but he’d always had a girlfriend and I was never interested. Until that fateful night in 2009 where I was on a night out with friends and I saw him. Obviously because we’d gone to school together I knew his friends and he knew mine. So before long we got chatting and catching up on everything.

He was working as an estate agent and doing well for himself and I was, well I was me. As the night went on we found that we got on really well and he asked me for my number so we could go out for a drink sometime.


This guy was hot (not according to my friends but still) and he seemed pretty decent. To top it all off, he’d asked me for my number. Good night if you ask me.

Over the next week or so, we were texting almost every day and continued to get on really well. As we all know, even at 19 I was still pretty new to the whole dating thing. I carried on texting just waiting for him to actually organise this date that he’d suggested on that first, fateful night.

It never happened.

A few more weeks passed and the date never came but the conversations continued.

Now, what I should add into this is that we saw each other over these weeks on more nights out. We shared a few kisses in those awful clubs on student nights. Actually, we shared a ton of kisses! There was even one night where instead of going home with my friends, I went home with him and spent the night. Before you all go straight to the dirty stuff please wash your minds clean because nothing happened other than some more smooches!

Come on now, yes I was 19 but I was still a virgin. Actually l wasn’t even what you’d call sexually active. So basically I was still a nun in that department and planned on keeping it that way until my boyfriend (Haha what a fool I was back then). Anyway, even after all of this, the date never happened!

After five weeks of this (yep, FIVE) I decided screw this and messaged Paul asking him out for a drink.

He said no.

Yes, you read that correctly. After five weeks of all of these kisses and constant messaging I didn’t even get a date out of him. I know what you’re all thinking and I thought the same thing. I shouldn’t have stayed over that time because now I’m not a challenge. But hold your horses there my friends because remember nothing happened that night! I was still very much a challenge but he obviously wasn’t interested.

His reason for not wanting a date with me?

“I just don’t want a girlfriend right now” Ah now I see. So he leads me on for over a month making me think he’s interested. He then decides to tell me that actually he’s just looking for someone to have casual sex with. IDIOT! To any men reading this, if a girl hasn’t slept with you within the first three (maximum) weeks. If she even holds back while spending a night in your bed with you because she has explained she’s a virgin; would you really continue the charade for another three weeks? It’s clear you’re not getting any from her unless you become a very important man in her life. So why carry on for so long?

So there was no way I was going to be some bedpost notch and waste my virginity on this guy. Anyway after that message we never spoke again. I did, however, notice that two weeks later his relationship status changed to being in a relationship! So much for not wanting a girlfriend right now.

One thing I can say is that in 2014 he drunkenly messaged me a few times for what I can only assume was a booty call attempt! I was living abroad at the time, I have standards, I am no one’s booty call and the real clincher…

…he was still with his girlfriend!!

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